Experienced early-stage operator & investor

Helpful from day zero

Brian agreed to be an Advisor to Contra and immediately began plugging us in to the right networks and conversations. Being new to Silicon Valley, this was a game changer for us. Within 3 months of meeting Brian, Contra was able to raise our seed round from tier 1 angel investors and VC firms, many of which came from his network. He also invested, and brought value-add investors with him via the Lyft Syndicate. Brian's product, strategy and fundraising expertise was a primary driver for the success of our product launch and fundraise.

<aside> 🤝 My network


I believe that founders deserve to be rewarded for their courage and ambition to take the plunge. As a founder, if you inspire me with your mission, I will be helpful from day zero of your journey and will leverage my network to guide you.

I help with intros to:

<aside> ❓ What stages and sectors do I invest in?


I currently invest primarily in pre-seed and seed stage companies. My focus is on sectors where I can add value — marketplaces and consumer tech are my sweetspot.

Think we should chat? Email me at nichols.brian11@gmail.com

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